7 simple ways to stay motivated as a blogger

7 ways to stay motivated as a blogger www.juelzjohn.comStaying motivated as a blogger can challenging. Just as other people in different professions  we bloggers feel uninspired hence the 7 ways to stay motivated as a blogger.

Sometimes it can be draining when you think all you have to do, come up with awesome posts, promote them once they are live, and build your email list having all this in mind can make you feel like you want to quit.

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Especially as a new blogger, the possibility of getting discouraged and throwing in the towel is very high. You feel like you aren’t getting the hang of things, there is so  much to learn and do.

When working from home there so many distractions and the fact that there is no one to push you or just to keep you in check you might get carried away and end up being unfocused.

Most of the new bloggers quit before they hit the 6-month mark due to lack of motivated.

Below are 7 ways to stay motivated as a blogger.

1.Time management

The good thing about blogging is that you have the freedom to work anytime and from anywhere. For you to stay motivated and to be productive you need to set out your work time.

Just like other professional jobs have specific hours, set out hours to do some blogging. You need to figure out your time well maybe it is after your day job, when your kids are napping or even when you are done doing your chores.

This will help you manage your time wisely and avoid overworking or underworking yourself. Figure out when you are most active and when you feel most energetic.

You may not be a morning person so in the mornings you can plan to do the less tedious work and then do the tasks that are more involving when you are super active.

2.Set up a specific workplace

Setting up a specific workplace is another way to stay motivated as a blogger and it will also reduce the chance of getting distracted.

When I started off as a blogger I would tell myself I will do my writing as I watch my favorite series/telenovela (big fan of telenovelas) but it was just a big lie, I would end writing like a paragraph after like 2/3hours.

The two places I avoid is working from the couch and the bed because I know I will accomplish very little.

Have a place that you can call and treat as your office. Make sure that it is neat and there are fewer distractions.

3.Plan ahead

Planning ahead is the third and the easiest way to stay motivated as a blogger.I love planning ahead and writing my to-do list.

Having a solid plan will keep you grounded and of course motivated as you will be striving to make sure you have met all your plans.

The best way to do this is to create an editorial calendar and set up specific days which will be for

coming up with awesome content and the other days you can focus on another aspect of your blog.

I have an editorial calendar where I have planned out my blog posts a month in advance and it works wonders for me.

4.Take a break

Work and no play made Jack a dull boy as the saying goes it is nice to take some time out and just relax.

Working without a break will leave you so drained and off course tired.

Taking a break will enable you to have time to reflect and put things into perspective and you will end up having a clear mind.

You can decide that you want to take a few hours or days off and use that time to recharge.

What I like to do when am taking a break is I love watching youtube videos (I love watching makeup tutorials, fashion hauls), listening to music or even taking a walk.

This helps me to be able to regroup my thoughts.

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5.Stay motivated as blogger through Networking

Network with other bloggers. Form friendship with them. In most cases, some bloggers view other bloggers as competition but in reality, they aren’t.

Blogger friends are awesome, you get to learn so much from each other and you build one another. You hold each other accountable.

You might be asking yourself where and how you do I get to network. You can do so by joining different forums, join Pinterest groups, Facebook group and so on.

The idea is to be active, don’t just joining. Otherwise, how will people know you even exist? Comment on other bloggers post, if one asks a question on the groups’ answer or give your opinion if you can.

Comment on other bloggers post, if one asks a question on the groups’ answer or give your opinion if you can.

Another way is you can email or even tweet them just don’t overdo it.

How i stay motivated as a blogger6.Change things up.

Change is always a good thing. Monotony is one of the reasons that leads to boredom.

Doing the same thing over and over again can make you feel unchallenged therefore it’s nice to spice things up which will make you look forward to completing the task.

Making some changes will help you to find out better ways of doing things which might even help you to save some time.

7.Re-evaluate and appreciate yourself

Another important thing to do is to re-evaluate things and specifically your blog. Taking off some time to evaluate your blog is a good thing because it helps you to put things into perspective and you can see which areas you need to focus on.

Check whether you are on track to accomplish your goals and what you can change to achieve them.

Maybe it’s time to set new goals big and small and come up with strategies on how to accomplish them.

Rewarding yourself is a simple gesture that you should make it a routine. Every time you achieve any goal be it small or big award yourself.

This could be reaching 100 visitors or 1000 visitors whatever it is, be happy and appreciate yourself.

That it for different ways to stay motivated as a blogger hope this article was helpful to you.

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Which other ways do you stay motivated as a blogger?

Leave a comment below and let me know.





  1. September 21, 2017 / 9:48 AM

    Hi Juelz,
    Your article is quite motivating. It has really motivated me as I continue to blog. I have bookmarked it for reference any time I feel like I want to give up. Thank you for bringing out the simple ways so clearly. Keep up the good work!

  2. October 25, 2017 / 6:21 AM

    Juelz, this is the first time I’m coming to your blog and happy to find a post about motivation for bloggers. Recently I too wrote a post mentioning the best solutions to stay motivated so that bloggers will never quit. In your post, the 2 main points I liked is about time management, and another one about connecting with other bloggers which I specially like as otherwise just writing and no connections makes blogging dull. To become successful, we need to learn a lot from other bloggers.

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