Secrets to choosing a Profitable Blog Niche

So many people out there want to start a blog but they don’t know where to start and when it comes to deciding on a profitable blog niche and a blog name it becomes even more complicated.

I have heard of so many people who really want to start blogging but continue to remain stuck because they are unsure of what to blog about.

Finding out your niche is the foundation for starting and running a profitable blog.

What should I blog about?

What should I name my blog?

Those are some of the most asked questions by new bloggers and today I will help you to answer at least the first and you have to come back later and check the answer to the latter question.

Howtochoose a profitable blognicheWhat should I blog about?

I have been asked this question a number of times. I remember when I was just starting out it’s something I really struggled with.

I had so many doubts and I kept asking myself more questions such as is this a profitable blog niche? What if no one ends up being interested in what I have to say?

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Reasons why you should spend some time thinking about niche ideas.

  • With a niche in mind, you will be able to start blogging on the right note. You will be more focused and you will already have some post ideas lined up.


  • Having a niche will help you to create relevant content designed for your readers.


  • When people stumble on your blog it will be easier for them to know what your blog is all about and how beneficial it will be to them. Some even bookmark it so that they can keep visiting.

Some of the things you need to keep in mind when deciding on a profitable blog niche are passion, purpose  profitability and uniqueness

Blog niche is the topic or topics you want to talk about on your blog just in case you are wondering what niche is.


One of the most important rule in blogging and something that you should keep in mind if you want to run a successful blog is that you must blog about something you are passionate about.

When it comes to passion think of a topic that you can go on and on for hours and hours without shutting up. What do people come to you for advice? What do you do in your free time?

Another way to find what you are passionate about is to figure out what comes easy to you naturally.

Do you have a few topics in mind already? If no try and see if you can brainstorm posts ideas for about a month or two. If you are unable to come up with blog post ideas you can consider rethinking your topics.

Keep in mind that this are topics you will write about for many years or months down the line.

Maybe you are passionate about a certain topic but you don’t feel adequate enough to blog about it, that’s still ok as long as you are willing to learn and like I love to say blogging is a journey and most things you learn on the job.

The more you blog the better you become.

Find out your strengths and utilize that.


As you try to figure out your blog niche you need to have in mind who you want to teach and reach out to for example stay home moms, college students and soon.

Your audience should be in your mind. Your blog needs to serve a purpose to your audience. Relevancy is what will make people to keep coming to your blog again and again.

When anyone visits your blog they should leave happy because you have helped them solve a problem they had. Your content needs to leave your audience wanting more. You need to value to your readers.


Niche profitability shouldn’t bother you that much because almost all topic under the face of the earth can be monetized.

It’s true that some niches are easy to make money with compared to others. A question you can ask yourself is, am I helping anyone through my blog and would someone be willing to pay for what am offering?

All you have to do is to find out the best method(s) to monetize your blog. The best way to make money online is by having more than one income stream.

A few ways you can monetize your blog are through Ads, Affiliate marketing, by creating your own courses or eBooks, providing services on your services.

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Well, almost every topic has been talked and written about on the internet. How are you going to stand out in your niche? All you have to do is to value to what is already written.

Take for example Fashion, there are thousands of fashion blogs out and if you need to be a successful fashion blogger you need to find your voice in the industry.

The easiest way is to incorporate your personality into your niche. If you are in college, then you can niche down to college fashion under a budget.

Short exercise: How choose  a profitable blog niche?

Make a list of possible topics based on your hobbies, interests, knowledge or even skills. Maybe 10 or even more. After you have your list with you try and answer the following questions.

Can I picture myself still blogging about this topic years down the line?

Am I willing to learn more about this topic?

By answering these questions you will be able to cut down most of the topics you had written down.

After that try and analyze each topic using the 4 above aspects that is how passionate are you about this topic on a scale of 10? Is it a 9 and so on? How relevant is this topic? Will I be able to help anyone? How will I stand out from the sea of bloggers who are already in the same niche? How do I plan to monetize my blog in the near future?

You can start off with the remaining topics and as time goes you will find out where your deep interest is and which topic you like blogging about most.

You can start with a big topic then narrow it to few subtopics.

As you continue blogging, be keen and find out which topics are responding well and which ones do you enjoy writing then you narrow down to them.

how to choose a profitable blog niche

Do I need to blog only about one topic (niche down) to be a successful blogger?

There are so many answers to this question as some believe you should niche down while others believe you don’t have to.

I personally don’t think you need niche down to be a successful blogger nevertheless you don’t need to blog about everything.

If you are have like 3 topics you are blogging about find a way to connect them. When readers visit your site they need to know why they are there don’t lose them between so many topics.

A few mistakes bloggers make when choosing a profitable blog niche.

  • A mistake I have seen some bloggers make is switching their niche as they feel like. Imagine this, you visit a blog today it’s all about gaming, a month or so it changes to beauty and a few more months down the line it has completely transformed to a travel blog the truth is you will end up confused and chances are, you will completely forget about it. Doing this will end up confusing your readers and you might end up losing some too.


  • Writing about everything under the sun. This makes it hard to monetize any blog as it is extremely hard to build a loyal following.


  • Having a very broad or a specific topic. Broad topics will burn you out. Aim to have not too general topics. Having a specific niche will help you become a go-to resource and in return, you will be able to establish an online presence and grow a loyal following faster.


  • Choosing a niche just because they think it is profitable or because another blogger in the same niche is profitable. You need to be passionate about the topic you want to blog about.

Final thoughts on choosing a profitable  blog niche

Don’t over analyze everything, just get started and go with the flow.

Once you have picked your niche and you have started blogging, the success of your blog depends on how well you market it.

Pinterest and Facebook would be the perfect place to start.

If you think i have left anything out on the secrets to a profitable blog niche let me know in the comments below.


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  1. January 15, 2018 / 11:42 PM

    Hi Juelz,

    Because WordPress basics are so easy to learn, starting a blog is pretty easy. Getting people to read it more than once, is pretty damn hard. Finding a niche and sticking to it, is a big key for finding yourself a tribe.

    Good advice, thank you.

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