How to choose a creative blog name you won’t regret

Deciding on a creative blog name and a profitable niche can be challenging when one is looking to start a blog. Some spend weeks trying to figure these two. Truth be told we all want a blog name that is unique, a name that stands out. It even becomes harder when you check your first blog name choice and you realize it’s already taken.


how to choose acreative blo name

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A few things to think about before settling on a  creative blog name

Make it unique – With thousand and thousands of bloggers out there you need to stand out from the crowd.The easiest way to do so it through your blog name.

Should be short, memorable and easy to pronounce-Mouthful blog names are really hard to remember.As you grow people will start searching your blog name in google and other search engines so you definitely want to make easy for them.

Avoid using special characters and numbers such as hyphens.

Avoid trends-Trends comes and go. Assuming you want to blog for a long time then trends is something you want to avoid. If you name your blog after a trend, it will fade as the trend fades. Trends come and go. You don’t want people to lose interest in your blog a few months or a year down the line. The same case applies to content, evergreen content is valuable to people over time unlike current hot topic because with time that hot topic is no longer relevant and people have moved on to something else.

Check social media availability– Check the availabilty in some of the platforms such as twitter, facebook,Instagram and pinterest.Sometimes it’s easy to use the same name throughout the platform which makes easy to be remembered.I have juelzjohn in all the social medial platforms am in.

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You can take weeks trying to brainstorm the perfect name for you to find it’s not available. Finding a creative blog name can be overwhelming and it can turn into frustrating and exhausting process.

So how exactly do you come up with a creative blog name? With so many blogs out there, chances are your first three choices are not available. Don’t lose hope. Think of it this way, all the easy names are the ones already taken.

Coming up the right blog name takes time (not meaning you should take a whole month brainstorming) all am trying to say is don’t rush into it. So don’t expect to come up with the perfect creative blog name over lunch hour or tea break time.

Write down a few names that you like. You can base this on your niche. What your blog will be all about.

4 main ways you can come up with a creative   blog name

1.Use a keyword

You need to be very careful with this one. Don’t focus so much on SEO.

I know when most people see the word keyword the first thing that pops into their head is SEO.

Having a keyword in your domain doesn’t mean you will rank higher in google.

Your creativity needs to show.

You don’t want your domain name sounding so cheesy.A good example is startamomblog by Suzi Whitford.


2.Use your own name

My favorite as you can see my domain is  Actually, initially I really want to go with justjuelz but it was taken. Now I do think is way better.

The good thing about using your own name is you can easily change your niche compared to when you have used for example a keyword that focusses on your blog niche without having to rebrand your entire blog.

Another good thing is that you attract a wide range of sponsors.

Other examples are:


You can only use your name if it’s easy to pronounce and spell.


3. Add an adjective or a verb in front of your name

Another way to come up with  a creative blog name is  by combining two words. Descriptive words.

You can try to make the name to rhyme which will make it even more memorable and fun.I love

Such a simple, memorable and it kinda rhymes too.

You can use sites like unique and which will help you combine two words

4.Blog name generators

Name generators will help you to combine several words. For example, some of the keywords you can have are frugal, well-being,joy.

Adjectives could be girl, happy,

Such a fun process right?

Keyword +adjective/noun

Example of blog name generators are: wordoid  & namemesh

Example of a real-life fun blog name is  by Abby.

I have compiled a list of 200+ words to help you decide on a perfect blog name.a simple formula to use and real example to boost your creativity.All you have to do is to download it below.

how to comeup with a creative blog name

How to check the  availability of your creative blog name

I love Bluehost for buying your domain name.You can check your blog name availability in Bluehost.Such a simple process actually.

On the home page click start now then you will be redirected where you choose your plan (don’t worry you don’t have to pay for anything).

You can select the first one then after that, you will be able to check on the availability of your blog name.

I just you focus on domain ending with com. .com are more credible.

What do I do if my blog name is not available?

Maybe you have checked your long list of name and your favorite ones aren’t available and you are left wondering what do I do now?Do I start all  over and brainstorm on a whole batch of names?

Well you can try to brainstorm a new one or you can simply adjust the one you have by adding short words such as my,the,foryoungadults,forbeginners and so on.


Bottom line your blog name doesn’t really matter that much. Your content and how you promote is what will determine how successful your blog is. It’s true when they say content is king, it is the driving force of your blog.

Hard work  and your willingness to learn will also determine how successful your blog is. So don’t fall into the trap of over analysing just choose one and go with it.

In most cases, people don’t remember the blog name what they remember is the title of the post they liked.

As long as you have something valuable to offer people won’t care how fancy your name sounds.

I hope you this post on how to choose a creative  blog post helpful.

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