15 Fun and easy Halloween party ideas to try this year

Halloween is around the corner making this the best time to start planning on Halloween party ideas. Halloween is one of the most fun holidays that allows for so much creativity from Halloween makeup, costumes, decor to Halloween nail art. There are endless ways to add that Halloween vibe.


Today it’s all about Halloween party ideas. These ideas are super affordable, easy to make and super creative. Halloween doesn’t have to be so scary, you can still achieve that Halloween vibes without been overly creepy and below  you will find easy Halloween ideas to do so. From cute to creepy, there is so much to choose from.


Creating that Halloween vibes is super easy. You can do so by adding things such as cobwebs, tiny spiders, googly eyes and bats.


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Let’s dive into these 15 easy Halloween party ideas for both kids and adults. They are a great way to impress your guests this year.


Halloween treats

Halloween party ideas

How cute are these treats pockets. One of the easiest Halloween party ideas to make and the best part you can do so with the kids. They are great Halloween crafts for kids and you can give them out as gifts as well. Fill it with candy or any other non candy treat. Source Tony staab


Easy witch’s hat cupcakes

Halloween party ideasThere is no better way to bring in those Halloween vibes than with these easy witch hat cupcakes. They are festive, easy to make and super fun. The cupcakes are fluffy and moist. You can be assured everyone will love them especially the kids. They will instantly add that fun Halloween spirit. Source the crafting foodie

Halloween party ideas


Eerie eyeball pretzel rods

Halloween party ideas

How spooky are these googly eyes. Every child will love and enjoy every bit of it. The perfect Halloween treats for kids. Source young at heart mommy


Sugar skull fruit pizza dessert

Halloween party ideas

This is perfect for your Halloween party and it’s a great way to enjoy healthy sweet treats. Super nutritious which makes it perfect for kids. It’s loaded with fresh fruit and with a yogurt-based cream cheese frosting. The secret is to use fruits with different colors which will make it pop. This will help you to create a vibrant sugar skull design. It’s a fun activity to involve the kids in and to be creative. Source growing up bilingual


Scaredy cat candy bowl

Halloween party ideas

Spectacular, creative and creepy. One of the best Halloween party ideas that everyone will love especially the kids. So easy to recreate and you simply put in your favorite candy. We can’t have trick or treat without a Halloween candy counter right? Source I love to create


Halloween candy jar

Halloween party ideas

I can assure you kids will just hang around your dessert table with this there. What a great and perfect way to display your favorite Halloween treats. The glitter spooky spider stickers and the orange polka dots ribbon adds that Halloween vibe. If  you want to be a little extra you can add bats and a few cobweb detail. Source a pumpkin and a princess


DIY Pumpkin dioroma

Halloween party ideas

Simply spectacular. The graveyard gate and the flying bats are fantastic. Great as Halloween decor idea. To make this, you will need a large pumpkin, bats or any other Halloween themed decorations you want to add, black paint, hot glue, 1 inch thick Styrofoam block and moss. It looks complicated but you can get all the details from here


Halloween Oreo candy bark

Halloween party ideas

Wow, how good does this look? Sweet and salty Halloween Oreo candy bark made with pretzels, candy corn, edible monster eyes, and sprinkles. Halloween is all about fun and creativity and this party idea is no exception. This will brighten your Halloween dessert table. This candy bark should not miss from your party food table this year. It’s made with sprinkles, pretzels to add a bit of salt to cut down the sweetness, mini edible eyes, and candy in fun orange, yellow and purple color.  Source Here


Halloween vibes

Halloween party ideas

A perfect touch to add to your Halloween party. Source Rachaeraymag


Chilling Halloween party

Halloween party ideas


Spectacular. This set up is giving us all the Halloween vibes. It has everything you need for your party. Source here


Rotten deviled eggs

Halloween food ideas

Are you hosting any Halloween party this year? These Halloween deviled eyes are perfect. The bonus is that they are a big hit with the kids. They are super easy to make and look great too. Source Parenting Chaos 


Halloween monster apples

Halloween food ideas

It can’t get any creepy than this. A perfect show stopper. Halloween is all about fun and these monster apples are super fun and the kids will enjoy sticking the googly eyes. Healthy Halloween snacks ideal for the kids. Source Parenting chaos


Halloween swirl cream cheese brownies

Halloween party ideas

Simply divine. If you are looking for the perfect Halloween desserts, look no further. These swirl cream cheese brownies have a layer of rich, dark chocolate brownie topped with a layer of orange cheesecake then swirled together for a spooky treat. Spooky dessert that everyone will enjoy for Halloween. Source Here


Black cat pudding cups

Halloween party ideas

Am a big fan of Halloween ideas where kids can be involved. This is one that they will love. This is a fun and easy way to dress up Snack Pack Chocolate Pudding Cups for Halloween. Source Here


Halloween party ideas: Spooky cups

Halloween party ideas

A fun easy way to turn normal cups to have that spooky feel. This has to be one of the easiest Halloween party ideas ever. All you have to do is to stick the googly eyes on the cups and you are done. Sometimes you don’t have to do alot that to achieve that creepy feel. This idea is super creative and simple. Source Cutefetti


Halloween party theme

There you have it, 15 easy DIY Halloween party ideas to spice up your Halloween party this year.




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