19 Simple and Cheap DIY Halloween Decorations for 2020

Halloween is one of the most fun and exciting holiday. The thrill that comes with Halloween is amazing and explainable.

Think of all the pumpkins, scary skeletons, spiders, nets, and bats. Can it get any spookier than that? Here are some fun and cheap DIY  Halloween  decorations to get you into that Halloween spirit and vibe.

I love these DIY projects because you can use what you already have in the house which make it super affordable and you end up saving money.


1. DIY Floating Witch hat Luminaries

cheap diy halloween decorations

These floating witch hat luminaries are so beautiful and easy to make.Looking for a fun way to transform your porch or your balcony and give it that Halloween vibe, these will do the trick.

Aren’t they  spooky enough? The perfect way to welcome any trick or treaters. They instantly put that Halloween mood.

See more on how to make these hat luminaries on polkadotchair.com


2. Pumpkin patch wreath

cheap diy halloween decorations

This has to be of of my favorite  cheap DIY Halloween  decorations. It’s so  easy to make, you can make it as simple as you want or even go all the way out.
For the pumpkin patch wreath, all you need is small faux pumpkins, scissors, faux leaves, grapevine wreath, hot glue gun and jute ribbons.

Check out caitlincawley.com for step by step on how to create it. She also has 2 more wretch ideas that are so beautiful and the good thing is that you can make them in under an hour.

3. Cheap DIY Halloween decorations : Spirit Jugs

cheap diy halloween decorations

These are easy to recreate and the fun part is you can include your kids too. They can help you to draw the spooky faces on the jugs. These spirit jugs are inexpensive because for the jugs you can save your empty milk jugs instead of throwing them away.

Apart from the milk jugs (you can also improvise with other jugs), you need a pair of scissors, a black permanent marker, a knife and Christmas lights. You can place them on your front porch or on your walkway.

See more details of these DIY Spirit Jugs at eighteen25.com


4. Hanging Ghosts

cheap diy halloween decorations

This I love. Just like what we see in those scary movies. They are also inexpensive to recreate. You will need a black marker, Styrofoam balls, cheesecloth, glue and hanging hooks.
These hanging ghost cheap DIY Halloween decorations are perfect for your entryway, your front balcony or if you have trees in your yard.
More details at simplydesigning.net


5. Plastic Pumpkin Arch Entry

cheap diy halloween decorations

This one is so beautiful. It will instantly transform your entry by giving it that Halloween vibe. What more screams Halloween than a bunch of pumpkins stuck together?
For this DIY you will need plastic pumpkin pails (the amount depends on the size of your entry way) hooks and Christmas lights. You can go a step further and add any other Halloween theme decorations you want such as spider web curtains.

Read more about this plastic pumpkin arch entry at craftymorning

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6. Hanging foam bats

cheap diy halloween decorations

Another  cheap DIY Halloween decoration that you will love. All you need to make this is googly eyes, fishing line, and black craft foam. This is one that kids will enjoy and it’s perfect for your front yard.
Read more about these hanging foam bats at hgvt.com

7. DIY Spooky Dollar store Halloween Village

cheap diy halloween decorations

This is one that even the kids will love. It looks like those haunted villages from the movies.

Check out the full tutorial  via The 36th Avenue


8. Homemade Little Bats

cheap diy halloween decorations

Do you find decorating for Halloween too much work? This is one of those  Cheap Diy  Halloween decorations that are  easy to make and doesn’t take so much time. Simple and serves the purpose very well. These homemade little bats are perfect for indoors.

Check out madeeveryday.com for the full tutorial.


9.Painted sugar skull as Cheap DIY Halloween Decorations

cheap diy halloween decorations

Another favorite one.We all know how big skulls are during Halloween. I love the simplicity, the touch of flowers which makes it so pretty, colorful and still manages to be a little spooky. Get the tutorial via  twelveoeight.com


10. Wicked Witch Legs

cheap diy halloween decorations

These are so creepy, spooky and super fun just what you need for Halloween.

Read more on how to make these wicked witch legs from grillodesigns.com


11. DIY Witches Brooms

cheap diy halloween decorations

Witches brooms are a staple when it comes to Halloween decorations. These are extremely affordable.

You can make them from branches and dead grass. They are simple,pretty and  perfect for your porch.

Check out Tastefullyfrugal.org for all the details.


12. Dried Apple Shrunken Heads

cheap diy hallowee

This has to be the spookiest cheap DIY Halloween decorations  i have seen. Can you believe these heads are made from apples?

Get the full guide via ehow


13. Jack Skellington Halloween String Garland

cheap diy halloween decorations

You can be able to recreate this awesome Halloween  String Garland which is inspired by the king of Halloween town in one hour. Get the full tutorial via Family.Disney

14. Raven Wreath

cheap-diy-hallowen decorations

Am obsessed with this raven wreath. How cute is it? I love that it has an elegant and a creepy touch to it. Check out how to recreate this beautiful raven wreath  at Rookno 17.

15. Bat bouquet

cheap diy halloween decorationsBats are creepy whether it’s Halloween or not. Now imagine a cloud of them. Bat bouquet they are simple to make and they will give you that creepy feeling that comes with Halloween.

Check out instructable.com for the step by step instructions.


16. DIY Black Cat O ‘Lanterns

cheap diy halloween decorations

How adorable does this look? For this DIY project you will need a pumpkin  preferably a tall one, so that you can be able to nail that elegant cat.Make sure it has a stable base to avoid it going wobbly wobbly. You also need a candle to  give that Halloween glow.

See the full tutorial at sunset.

17. Zombie Siamese twin Dolls

cheap diy halloween decorations

They are so creepy.Something you would see in those super scary movies.These creepy little thing are super easy to make.You need two plastic identical dolls,acrylic pants, scrap of fabric, Styrofoam and wrap stem floral.

Check out the full tutorial at justcraftyenough.com

18. DIY Halloween Candy Door Hanger

cheap diy halloween decorations

This is perfect to put on your door. A nice way to great and welcome any visitors you might have and a perfect way to hand out candy especially if you won’t be indoors most of the time. It’s super easy to make. You need a simple chalkboard, a faux half pumpkin and simple tools such as a knife to cut out the smiley part. See the full details at cherishedBliss.com


19. DIY Bloody Handprint Window Cling

cheap diy halloween decorations

This is super affordable and easy to make. You can stick them on your windows, walls, floors pretty much everywhere. The good part is that they are reusable.

Check out the full tutorial via feltmagnet

cheap diy halloween decorations

I hope you have enjoyed and gotten inspired by  these 19 cheap DIY Halloween decoration. With these DIYs  you can be able to give your home that Halloween spirits without spending so much money.



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  1. August 16, 2018 / 12:35 AM

    You have so many awesome ideas! I can’t believe we’re already talking about halloween haha. I’m not ready to say goodbye to summer yet. But I am so down to make a pumpkin door arch or wreath. Thanks for the inspo!

    • juelzjohn
      August 29, 2018 / 4:42 PM

      Glad you found some inspiration. I find Halloween decorations so beautiful

  2. August 16, 2018 / 1:49 AM

    This girl LOVES Halloween and DIY. Put them together and this is just about the perfect post for me 🙂 Pinning for my next craft store run, thanks, dear!

    • juelzjohn
      August 19, 2018 / 2:32 PM

      You are welcome, dear. Glad you liked these cheap DIY Halloween decorations. I also can’t wait to DIY some of these projects.

  3. August 16, 2018 / 3:42 PM

    You’ve inspired me! I think I’m going to try the witches hat luminaries! How fun!!! Fall is my favorite season and I usually can barely wait til the first week of Septemeber to start getting my decor out but this year I might have to start sneaking them out sooner! Thanks for all the inspiration <3 Jamie

  4. August 20, 2018 / 7:30 PM

    Love all the ideas! Can’t wait for the fall and Halloween!

    • juelzjohn
      August 29, 2018 / 4:40 PM

      I love Halloween can’t wait to try out these cheap DIY Halloween decorations.

  5. Mix-Movie.com
    October 21, 2019 / 8:09 AM

    Halloween is an open invitation to be and dress as just about anything or anyone. That freedom, while exciting, can be overwhelming when it comes time to pick out a costume for Halloween parties. If you’ve been struggling to make a decision about your 2019 look or simply lost track of time, these last-minute Halloween costume ideas will inspire you to DIY, stat.

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